Thursday, August 9, 2012

Look for Less

Animal Prints are a big trend this year, I love these skinny
 leopard jeans by Current Elliot
there different and fun,  you can pair them up with heels by
making them a more night time
look or add a pair of flats to give them a more casual look, either way
 they look great! just remember
ladies since the print is so Bold they key is to be simple here so tone down on the
accessories, makeup and top!
they usually run about 200 dollars, if your not looking to spend
that much i found a great
alternative at target! sometimes you would be surprised
at the things you find at target!

They almost look identical to the same pair of jeans as current elliot, except much much cheaper! 23 dollars now thats what i call a bargain. you can find them here at Target check them out!

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