Sunday, September 9, 2012

Real Vs Steal..Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin No.299 Suede and Python Pumps are the perfect pair of shoes to have in your wardrobe for fall..Whether you are wearing them with a dress or going for more of a casual look they look great either way.  I love the Burgundy bronze textured python, and the gold detailing cutout on the sides. They retail for ($1,195)..If this does not quite meet your budget I found a similar version at Nine by Boutique 9 for only ($160.00) not bad huh? obviously the color is different when compared to the original version but you can still get the same stylish look for less..what do you guys think? click the link below to start shopping! Xoxo

                                       Christian Louboutin No.299 Suede and Python Pumps
                                                                                          ($1,195 )

Celebrities Wearing Christian Louboutin No.299 Suede and Python Pumps

                                                                                   ($160, Nine West)


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